A production for : Unfinished Sympathy
A collaboration between Fuse & Kompass.
Special thanks to : Olivier Ramoudt & Massimo Mephisto
Location Palais 12 Brussel : 15.000 people
From 20:00 till 10:00 (14 hours)
1100m2 LED divided into 13 seperate elements
All custom designed visuals play-backed on own gear to 8 Full HD outputs
Credits :
Video Operator : Rene van Dijk
Most 2d/3d Animation created by : Rene van DIjk
Additional 3d Animation : Studio Rewind
Additional 2d Animation : Paolo Sanfilippo
Light Set & Production Design : Thomas Boets #thomasboets
Production assistance : Joris Bensch
Light Audio & Video supplier : Bart Weyts #llstageservice
Site team : Nick Levens & Ilse Witlox #FlexSolutions
Lightoperator : Kristof Blancquaert

Motion Operator : Rik Uyttersprot #Gravity
Audio Operator : Bram Criekemans
System engineer : Joost Potters
Full In depth video and photo report coming soon
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